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In case of sale

Ideas of buyers are being preferred and try to address their desires/ requirements as much as possible even with minimum profit. We strongly believe that “BEST RELATIONSHIP” with customers is most important because a satisfied customer is going to be our “AMBASSADOR” and we can sale more & more with the references of a happy buyer/customer. We want to sale more & make more profit but not at the cost of our “Human Qualities” like values, ethics; e.g; we are not crazy to sale apartments & Commercial Spaces to only moneyed person/s rather selective about attitude & other social status of an expected customer.

Engineering & Design

SWAN PROPERTIES LTD has Engineers in construction and development department in addition to its Quality Control, Monitoring & Evaluation.

We are particular about selection of “ARCHITECT FIRM” and we never think to compromise about Architectural Designs thus we are enjoying the opportunity of doing works with exceptionally renowned & one of the best firms VIZ, Volume Zero even by paying very high package compared to many other Architect Firms.

We strongly believe that we came to this beautiful world for doing good for mankind and for co-operation. And most of the people are ready to co-operate / help each other.

Accordingly we want to achieve love & respect from the society by doing positive jobs through our lifetime so that few “NON RELATIVES” can remember us even after our death, which we think very much possible by ensuring our long lasting Slogan as follows:-

Swan cares for qualities of Constructions, Commitments & Customer Services.